Actionable learning on innovation skills and strategy, delivered by leading universities and
prominent thought-leaders


Customized innovation-focused online library encourages employees to develop new ideas with templates, articles and videos


Scaling impact by engaging employees through strategic guidance and tactical support




How can you train key leaders and employees on innovation skills, with an approach that changes behavior, scales up, and aligns with corporate objectives?

Culturevate works with leading universities and thought-leaders to deliver impactful, scalable and engaging innovation-focused training programs.

All courses are fully-tailored to your organization and audience, while also being cost effective. We work hard to limit your administrative burden and provide an ongoing learning experience for Participants

We collaborate with:.

  • Cornell University (Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative); Cornell's world-class faculty are focused on leadership's role in building innovative organizations and cultures with a unique approach to human capital strategy.
  • Professor Chris Labash (Carnegie Mellon University): Professor Labash provides an engaging approach to Design Thinking that addresses the needs of mid-junior level employees who are looking to identify, select and build new, innovative ideas.
  • Yuri van Geest: Yuri is co-author of the best-selling book "Exponential Organizations," and provides unique insight into how an increasing competitive environment is changing the way established businesses structure themselves to create value.
  • Library

    How can you engage employees and provide innovation tools, techniques and inspiration when and wherever needed?

    The Culturevate Innovation Library offers an online set of materials that encourages employees to develop and execute new ideas. The Library includes:

  • Proprietary Templates: 85+ templates guide employees on all aspects of selecting, developing and executing innovative ideas, in simple to understand formats that support a company’s existing processes.
  • Articles, Videos and Book Summaries: Innovation focused materials are regularly sourced from the web, aligned with a client's needs.

  • Integration and Customization: All aspects of the Library are tailored to a company’s requirements, including integration with social platforms (IBM Connections, MS SharePoint, Jive, etc.) and boutique idea management platforms (Brightidea, etc.) .
  • Newsletter: We create a regular and effective employee communication channel, tailored to your employee's needs and interests.
  • Reporting: Full reporting is included within the platform, that helps track individual's actions.
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    How does your organization effectively engage employees to be innovative and drive lasting, positive behavior change?

    Identifying, supporting and engaging employees around innovative thinking increases the quality of executed ideas, improves financial performance and generates lasting cultural change.

    Culturevate’s unique methodology supports organizations in developing strategic and tactical innovation-focused employee engagement frameworks, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Our methodology and approach focuses on:

  • Discovery: Understand current innovation focused actions and stakeholders that will impact an effective employee engagement strategy.
  • Strategy: Develop a robust strategic plan to guide the effective engagement of key employees.
  • Engagement: Guide organizations through the launch and management of an employee engagement framework, at both a strategic or tactical level.
  • Execution: A clear focus on empowering employee’s to execute innovative ideas.
  • Analysis: Processes to track and report successes and ROI.