Culturevate has been fortunate to work with exceptional organizations on a range of innovation opportunities and challenges. We also partnership with a growing range of organizations. Sample organizations have been listed below:

  • Brightidea – The Culturevate Innovation Library integrates into the Brightidea platform, either through a basic model or a more heavily client tailored approach. The benefit of this approach is to extend the existing innovation challenge model deeper into an organization, with a rotating series of practical innovation templates and articles.
  • IBM Connections – The IBM Connections platform features an integrated, client tailored version of the Culturevate Innovation Library. The library fully integrates into the newsfeed and as an active resource for IBM Connections users.
  • Cornell University, ILR School – Culturevate is proud to work with our colleagues at the Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative at Cornell University, to provide innovation specific training directed towards the needs of company executives and leadership.
  • Professor Chris Labash (Carnegie Mellon University) – Professor Labash has been a trusted partner of Culturevate right from the start and provides line level employees within organizations with practical guidance on creating, selecting and building innovation ideas.